Mail Order Marijuana just hosted its first Guessing Weed Contest. The contest was open to Canadian residents only.

At the time of voting, all participants must meet the legal age in their province. This is 18+ in Alberta and Quebec or 19+ everywhere else in Canada.

There were a combined total of 276 entries, making this competition a close one!

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Overview of the Guessing Weed Contest

This was the first time the Mail Order Marijuana team decided to host a contest like this.

A big thank you to everyone who participated. There will be more in the future!

If you are confused about what this is all about, let us explain.

Back in early January 2021, we (Mail Order Marijuana) sent out an email to our newsletter subscribers announcing a new contest.

The game was to look at the picture below and guess how much weed was in the pile beside the lip balm (the lip balm was there as a size reference).

pile of weed

The winners will be based on who guessed closest to the actual amount.

What Were the Prizes?

To increase your chances of winning, we had three prizes to give out.

First place will win a mountain of OG Kush, the very same one you see in the mountain of weed pictured above.

Second place will receive 30 grams of MK Ultra with a $150 value.

Finally, the third prize winner will get 15 grams of Sour Diesel valued at $80.

Unfortunately, not everyone can win in a contest. However, we are always giving out weekly deals to our loyal customers.

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The Winners

cannabis contest winner

Our first prize winner went to Rudra, who guessed 70 grams. You were only 1 gram off from our pile of weed which weighed in at 71 grams. That was really close!

You will be receiving all the OG Kush you saw in the picture that you guessed the amount in.

In the second place, William also guessed 70 grams of weed. The reason Rudra placed first was that they submitted their guess earlier than you. Congratulations on your second-place prize of 30 grams of MK Ultra! 

Lastly, third place goes to Glen, who guessed 73 grams, winning him 15 grams of Sour Diesel.

Unfortunately, not everyone can win in a contest. However, we plan on doing more giveaways like this soon.

Thank you everyone for playing!

How To Enter Mail Order Marijuana Contest in Canada

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