Common Effects of Marijuana Every Canadian Should Know

Many Canadians are using marijuana even on a daily basis. Some of them are using it for medicinal purposes, while others are using it for recreational purposes. No matter what their reasons are, they are using marijuana because it offers some benefits for them, helps them relax, or is simply fun.

If you have never used marijuana before, you must be wondering what are the effects of marijuana that you will get if you use it. While it could be difficult to determine exactly what kinds of effects you’re going to get from marijuana, there are some common effects that everyone should know. By learning some common effects of marijuana, you’ll know what to expect and determine if marijuana is for you or not.

Intoxicating effect

Obviously, people who are using marijuana tend to get high, especially in high doses. Depending on the marijuana strain, the high could be mild or severe. The intoxicating effect of marijuana is caused by THC, which is a natural compound in marijuana. When absorbed into the bloodstream, THC could make you feel dizzy, euphoric, ‘stoned’, and even full of energy.

Some people use THC to give them an energy boost during the day or at work, while others also use it for outdoor activities such as hiking. But, some people in Canada dislike THC and would avoid it completely if possible.

The high you’ll get may also be affected by your tolerance levels. The more you use marijuana, the more tolerance levels you will build up. So you may need more doses to get the same high as usual.

Health benefits

Some people use marijuana to ease the symptoms of certain ailments, such as pain, nausea, insomnia, and reduced appetite. Medical mail order marijuana is also very popular among cancer patients who need something to ease the pain, reduce the symptoms of chemotherapy, and help them sleep. Even people who have severe epilepsy could benefit a lot from marijuana.

The main player of this effect of marijuana is CBD. While THC could make you high, CBD could not, as it doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties. CBD products can be found in many places in Canada, and Canadians have been using various products for a few years now.


Yes, some marijuana strains, especially Indica ones, may make you feel sleepy. Indica-dominant strains are famous for producing more of a “body high” that could make you feel relaxed and sleepy. This kind of marijuana strain is great for people who have trouble sleeping or just simply want to relax at night. Obviously, this effect of marijuana would be bad during the day or if you’re planning to drive. So you have to be careful about choosing the strain.

The munchies

The munchies refers to the increased appetite as the result of using marijuana. Sometimes, after you use marijuana, you have this urge to eat. This is why seasoned users recommend having snacks ready before you use marijuana, especially when you use it outdoors where you may not have food available.

The munchies could be a positive or negative effect of marijuana, depending on how you look at it. It could be positive for people who need to eat more or people who have little to no appetite as a result of their medications. Munchies could also be negative for people who want to control their diet. You certainly could gain weight because of munchies, so be careful.

Unusually happy

This is one of the most popular effects of marijuana that people are looking for. Do you know that there are some mail order marijuana strains that are popular for certain types of activities? For example, there are marijuana strains for every occasion from outdoor activities, watching movies, and so on.

This is because some strains could make you unusually happy, thus making whatever activity you’re doing more fun than normal. Using marijuana this way may also give you a new perspective on how you’re looking at or doing some things. It’s a bit difficult to explain, but once you try it yourself, you’ll know what I’m talking about here.


There you have it, some common effects of marijuana that you should know. As you see, not all the effects are positive, so it’s recommended to use marijuana only at the right time and place. And please do your research first to learn more about mail order marijuana strains. If you can determine when and where you should use marijuana, you can make the most out of it and make your overall experience positive.